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Following are the solutions that we are providing lately. The percentage does not indicates our skills, it indicates how busy we are in each of them.

Software Development


Database Administration


CMS/ Portals Development


E-Commerce Development


ERP Development










HTML5 / Responsive and Parallax Design


Software Testing


RESTful API Development


Linux/AWS Server Management


Mobile App Development












LESS/SASS/Bootsrap CSS Framework


SEO/Social Media Marketing/Data Entry


Online Branding


About Us

Ju as in Chinese means "to assemble".

Macro in computing as we all know means "a single instruction that expands automatically into a set of instructions to perform a particular task", in general terms it also refers to "large scale".

We are "Jumacroians", our motto is to Assemble and Expand. We assemble ideas and solutions to create a highly scalable and easily maintainable and of-course extensible Agile Framework to Expand your business and push your growth graph.

We believe in your growth, as you grow we grow, it was, is and will be directly proportional.

Here we do not build software, we build relationships. As good relationship brings good team work and good team work makes a good end-product.

Skill, Dedication & Honesty --- the three simple objects that we offer you. Like it? Then Take it :)

Our Team


Mithun Das


A seasoned software ninjaneer with 10+ years of experience in software development and security. The King :-P

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Jinia D Nandy


7 yrs in business development and HR strategy, financial accounting, client relationship management and technical support. CEO of Jumacro. The Queen ;-)

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Suman Choudhury


An experience BTech engineer with more than 10 years experience in software programming and server maintainance. The Knight :-)

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    Henning Geiler

    Founder, Pinpoint Media Design

    It was a great experience working with this freelancer. He is very professional, keeps on track, is very responsive and calls a spade a spade. It is a pleasure working with him. We are already starting the next project together :)
    Source: Elance


    Derya Yinanc

    Technology Guru, Visionary Entrepreneur and Investor

    Mithun is an incredibly talented software professional with a talent for developing high quality software regardless of the technology involved. In his days with us, Mithun worked on PHP projects as well as JavaScript and NodeJS projects with equal ease. What he did not know, he learned through dedication and hard work. I am incredibly impressed by his skill set and recommend him to any employer without any reservations.
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    Venk Tatineni

    Project Manager, ZergId

    Mithun was a crucial part of our refactoring project. He was able to hit the ground running and made good progress within a short amount of time. He had some good suggestions for schema refactoring. Overall definitely an asset to small startups on a budget. Will hire again when the need arises.
    Source: Odesk


    Allen Benedikt

    Founder, 12ozprophet

    Exceedingly professional and very accommodating. He has gone beyond my expectation with his service and has truly a solid feedback review. Despite a huge difference in timezones has made himself available during my regular business hours, has been punctual with communication and seems to be very honest and forthright about the effort involved and the time required. Highly recommended
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    James De Vries

    Founder, JMobiles

    Great company, will continue with more work in the future!
    Source: Elance

    Very pleased with the work. Will use them again.
    Source: Elance


    Stuart Starr

    Founder, Newbox

    Great project. Thanks!
    Source: Odesk

    I love working with Mithun.
    Source: Odesk


    Kashif Hameed

    CEO, Adroit Pvt Ltd

    Professional, competent, willing to adjust according to situation, you can depend on this guy!
    Source: Elance

    Great Job by this guy! He is our fellow, friend and ongoing developer for life time :)
    Source: Elance



    Owner, Bowling Quest

    I came in green, with no experience with Elance system and he helped me greatly. This fella went over and above the call of work with his offerings. I have learned a lot and will use his services again if needed for sure.
    Source: Elance

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